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Temple of Aphaia at Aegina


West Pediment (Archaic)

East Pediment (Early Classical)

Representation of Action

Athene in static.

Action and movement runs from the centre towards the corners.

Athene’s arms raised.

Action moves from corners to centre.

Narrative clarity

Coherent and strong clarity.

Figures in proportion.

Coherent and clear story.

Suitability for space

God presiding over a scene of violence allows for convincing range of poses.

Standing, crouching, kneeling etc.

More diverse range of poses.

Less symmetry.

Poses are more realistic.

Representation of male body

Heroic nudity.

Pose of dying warrior does not fit purpose.

Egyptian braided hair, archaic smile not appropriate for the action of a dying warrior.

Typical Early Classical features.

No archaic smile.

Dying warriors have realistic deaths.