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Who is Miltiades?

Athenian General at Marathon

What examples are there of his character?

·        Speech to Callimachus persuading him to attack first at Marathon “It is in your hands, to either enslave Athens or make her free” ref. to Aristogeiton and Harmodius.
            1. Stops Persians using cavalry.
            2. Prevents Athenian defections to Hippias.
            3. Gives the Greeks the element of surprise.

·        Thinning of the Greek centre to match Persian width. Strengthened the flanks which wheel round. Herodotus does not directly credit him – credited by later Byzantine sources.

·        Failed expedition to Paros – prosecuted for “defrauding the public” – personal vendetta.

What function does Miltiades serve in The Histories?

·        Athenian bias – prominent role.

·        Drives narrative – theme of individuals causing events to happen.

·        Emphasises theme of freedom.

·        Links to bias and difference between Greeks and Persians – democracy holds individuals accountable.

·        Importance of consultation – speech to Callimachus. Relying on hoplite warfare.